Recycler of the Year: EverGreen ZeroWaste


EverGreen ZeroWaste launched the Western Slope’s first weekly residential compost route in April 2011 and has been a tremendous force in expanding organics collection in the Roaring Fork valley and beyond. Run by David and Alyssa Reindel, EverGreen ZeroWaste continues to inspire companies and individuals around the country with their family-owned roots, dedication to waste-diversion education and success in expanding compost collections in a mountainous region. Now in business for more than eight years, EverGreen ZeroWaste provides three core services: compost collections for residential and commercial customers, zero waste event services and waste diversion education.

EverGreen ZeroWaste started the Western Slope’s first weekly residential compost route with nothing more than a pickup truck and five committed households. Within one year, the company had more than 50 participants, including three businesses. In 2015, the program got a big boost thanks to an RREO grant and a partnership with the City of Aspen and Pitkin County to implement SCRAPS, the local food waste diversion program. Since 2015, the program has grown from 86 single-family homes and 10 businesses to 400 single-family homes and 150 businesses in 2018, reaching an estimated 10,000 individuals each week. In 2018, EverGreen’s curbside compost collections resulted in more than 4 million pounds of organics being kept in the resource loop and out of the landfill.

The company has now expanded along the I-70 corridor to serve New Castle, Rifle, Gypsum, Eagle and Edwards. They are the only hauler that focuses on organics collection with the mission of reducing organics to landfill and that partner with other trash hauling companies in the area to share that expertise and unique services.

EverGreen ZeroWaste brought the first dedicated zero-waste event services to the Roaring Fork valley after years of experience with reducing waste at Front Range events. Spearheaded by Alyssa, the events program remains committed to community waste diversion, education through customer trainings, public outreach, intern programs and green-event services. In 2018, they managed 27 local community zero-waste events with an average diversion rate of 92%. Other private events were assisted by their compostable dinnerware and zero-waste sorting station rentals.

Waste reduction and community education have always been central to EverGreen ZeroWaste’s mission, and are near and dear to Dave and Alyssa’s hearts. The company reinvests their profits from hauling services to support their community education campaigns to drive greater awareness of the opportunities and importance of waste reduction and recovery. The company now has a well-established education and outreach program, with one full-time employee. They reach more than 6,600 students every year through compost collections and waste diversion education in schools.

David and Alyssa have worked tirelessly to change the culture and awareness related to waste in the communities they serve, institutionalizing the highest standards for waste diversion in their community. It’s a program that continuously offers upstream-purchasing guidance, indoor collection bins, educational sorting guidelines and labels, bilingual participant trainings, environmental benefits analysis and more, all complimentary with their weekly compost collection service.

Evergreen ZeroWaste is a great example of a small entrepreneurial effort, particularly in rural areas, and they regularly receive inquiries from across the country on how they have achieved such success, as well as invitations to national conferences and local and national media attention. Combining a strong mission and community focus with innovative for-profit services, EverGreen ZeroWaste brings an unparalleled value to waste diversion in Colorado.

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