Outstanding Elected Official – State: Senator Faith Winter

FW head shot 2017 (1)

For three years Senator Faith Winter worked tirelessly to pass recycling legislation. In 2017 she worked with Recycle Colorado (then the Colorado Association for Recycling) on a bill to improve waste-diversion data collection across the state in the House of Representatives. Although this bill had many challenges and did not pass, Senator Winter kept coming back to the legislature wanting to work on improving recycling collection and end markets. When she ran for the state senate in 2018, she promised, if elected, that she would run a comprehensive bill.

The 2018 election provided a great opportunity, not only was Senator Winter elected to the state senate, but the election also resulted in pro-environmental majorities in both chambers. Senator Winter showed leadership and reached across the aisle to run a bill with Senator Kevin Priola that would have a significant impact. Senator Winter held several stakeholder meetings and introduced Senate Bill 19-192, the Front Range Waste Diversion Enterprise Grant Program. The bill will generate close to $10 million a year for Front Range communities to implement proven strategies to reduce waste and divert waste from the landfill through recycling programs. With Senator Winter’s leadership, Colorado will have a robust funding source that will have a major impact on the state’s recycling and diversion rate in the Front Range.

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