Outstanding Business Recycling/Diversion Program: Eco Brand Products

EBG - Green Guru Gear

Eco Brands Group (EBG) and its brands, Green Guru Gear, Alchemy Goods and Ecologic Designs, effectively divert a large volume of durable non-recyclable materials from the landfill and upcycle them into sewn consumer bags and accessories. This reduces waste in Colorado and throughout the US. It also creates a circular economic model for consumer goods and creates jobs in Colorado producing these goods.

Its outdoor and travel brand, Green Guru Gear, recently worked with REI to collect REI’s customer’s damaged bicycle tubes and turn them into a custom hip packs to be sold at REI. REI collects the bicycle tubes in each of its stores at their bicycle service centers. The tubes are then collected by reverse logistics and delivered to REI DC where they are palletized then shipped to EBG in Boulder for production of products. Sewing production takes place in Longmont, Colorado. Another partner, OMNI Promotions, diverts all their scrap tent and banner materials for use as part of the REI hip pack.

EBG’s Ecologic Designs recently worked with AT&T to divert from the landfill more than 1,000 yards of golf fairway mesh and upcycle it into 1,000 backpacks, which were donated to children in need. The Green Guru Gear and Alchemy Goods consumer brands regularly educate their customers about reducing, reusing and recycling, often posting on social media channels useful articles and insights on how to live more sustainably.

EBG’s brands have been upcycling waste materials since 2003. Some materials have proved harder to work with, such as tires, shoes, garments and other outdoor/cycling industry by products. EBG has found the greatest success with materials that can be cleaned, cut and sewn. EBG will continue to expand its product lines and further reduce the disposal of items such as bicycle tubes, climbing ropes, wet-suits, banners, billboards, tents and other durable materials. EBG’s goals are to grow relationships with mass merchants to increase the volume of materials diverted and to partner with large corporations to help them increase their waste diversion.

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