Outstanding Nonprofit Recycling/Diversion Program: We Don’t Waste

Almost all of our staff

We Don’t Waste recovers good food that would otherwise end up in the landfill and provides it to approximately 180 hunger-relief organizations in Colorado. Since 2009, We Don’t Waste has kept over 13,296 tons of food out of the landfill––preventing the release of almost 40 million pounds of CO2e. Through their food recovery efforts, they have distributed more than 33 million servings of nutritious food that is equal to more than 11 million meals at a cost of $.05 per meal.

We Don’t Waste is unique in that they’re solving two problems at once. With one in 11 Coloradoans (and one in five Colorado children) facing hunger, there is a clear need for quality nutritious food––yet we’re throwing away as much as 40% of food that’s produced in the US. We Don’t Waste founder and Executive Director, Arlan Preblud, saw these two problems as a potential solution, and got started in 2009 with nothing more than a Volvo station wagon and a vision. Today, We Don’t Waste has three refrigerated trucks, an 11,500 sq. ft. distribution center and a dedicated and passionate staff, complemented by relationships with more than 150 food donors who are committed to waste reduction.

In addition to their food recovery efforts, We Don’t Waste is a Certifiably Green business with the City and County of Denver and demonstrates commitment to recycling and compositing whenever possible. By partnering with other local nonprofits and by sharing lessons learned with others who are interested in food recovery (both within the state of Colorado and nationwide), We Don’t Waste is a leader in developing best practices for safe food handling and tracking.

Vounteers stocking food at the mfm

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